Ghent University awards for Education, Research and Public Engagement

A university has a threefold mission: education, research and public engagement. In each of these Ghent University strives for excellence.

In order to reward and to stimulate not just this drive for quality but also the continuous dedication of our employees (professors, researchers, and administrative and technical staff), the university grants three unique awards:

  • education
  • research
  • public engagement & knowledge exchange

With these annual awards Ghent University will honour staff members who distinguish themselves in one or more of the university’s cornerstones.

Three awards for a three-fold mission

Minerva award for Education

Which ones of our staff members keep students on the edge of their seat with their well-structured and/or enthralling lectures? Which colleagues make an exceptional contribution to educational innovation, organization and/or curriculum development? Who excels in putting together international training programmes or in coaching and advising (doctoral) students?

Prometheus award for Research

Can you recommend academics who advance the international reputation of Ghent University’s research – by way of a huge innovative breakthrough or research results with an impressive impact or relevance; as inspiring team leader or as extraordinary supervisor of doctoral research?

Hermes award for Public/scientific engagement & knowledge exchange

Which staff members standing on the barricades for development cooperation? For valorising their research economically or socially? Others demonstrate educational and academic responsibility by making science accessible to a larger audience or by fuelling public debate and policy development; or perhaps they deserve recognition for engaging their former students through lively alumni relations.


Nominations are invited from all staff and students during Spring. For each category, every Ghent University student or employee may nominate one staff member from any of the 11 faculties or the central administration.

These nominations are handed over to an advisory committee which draws up a shortlist.

Nominations for the 2016-2017 Edition were collected.

  • Nominate your favourite for the Minerva Award (education)
  • Nominate your favourite for the Prometheus Award (research)
  • Nominate your favourite for the Hermes Award (public engagement)

Overview of previous laureates